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The Head and the Heart - Shake

Just some good old fashioned Spring-timey alt-country emotionally-charged music to get stuck in your head.

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March 21 2014
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One Direction - Best Song Ever

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July 17 2013
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Vetiver - Wonder Why

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November 3 2012
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Solange - Losing You

OBSESSED UPON FIRST LISTEN and you should be, too.

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October 2 2012
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Ernie & The Top Notes - Dap Walk

If you’re interested in learning to strut, I’ve got just the practice song for you.

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May 21 2012
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Elbow - One Day Like This

Holy cow, I love your eyes.

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April 19 2012
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To Ramona (live)-Bob Dylan

Ramona… just a name.

Everything passes, everything changes, just do what you think you should do.

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April 2 2012
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My Morning Jacket - You’re a Big Girl Now (Bob Dylan cover)

Like a corkscrew to my heart.

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March 8 2012
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Phosphorescent - Nothing Was Stolen (Love Me Foolishly)

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March 5 2012
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Bon Iver - Love More (Sharon Van Etten cover)

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December 7 2011
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