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were any of you around when ryan adams had a tumblr? he named it foggy. he posted pictures of himself and of his poetry and videos of him walking around new york talking about jeans and coffee and life. it was so soothing to watch him just like, exist for us all to watch, and then he deleted it and everyone was sad, but in 2008 that was like…the REASON i joined tumblr. and i’d been a fan of him before but i didn’t realize how much i really liked ryan adams the Person and not just his music. everyday he updated his tumblr and he was quirky and inspiring and funny and interesting and we all fell in love with him, everyone who used tumblr around that time, and then he left and tumblr has never really been the same, but ANYWAY

i saw him in concert for the first time tonight and i just spent the entire time clutching my face because all the weird little asides between songs and his funny stories and his self-deprecating sense of humor reminded me why i love him but like, REALLY! LOVE!!! huge love! i just want him to be happy! and he seems happy!

he’s also, you know, insanely talented and good at his job and put on one of the best shows i’ve seen in a long time. everyone cried during come pick me up. that ryan adams that we all fell in love with went away for a little bit and now he’s married to mandy moore and he’s making great music and he’s hERE. RYAN ADAMS EXISTS AND I’M SO HAPPY ABOUT IT.


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July 27 2014
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The Head and the Heart - Shake

Just some good old fashioned Spring-timey alt-country emotionally-charged music to get stuck in your head.

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March 21 2014
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One Direction - Best Song Ever

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July 17 2013
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Vetiver - Wonder Why

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November 3 2012
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Solange - Losing You

OBSESSED UPON FIRST LISTEN and you should be, too.

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October 2 2012
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Ernie & The Top Notes - Dap Walk

If you’re interested in learning to strut, I’ve got just the practice song for you.

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May 21 2012
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Elbow - One Day Like This

Holy cow, I love your eyes.

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April 19 2012
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To Ramona (live)-Bob Dylan

Ramona… just a name.

Everything passes, everything changes, just do what you think you should do.

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April 2 2012
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My Morning Jacket - You’re a Big Girl Now (Bob Dylan cover)

Like a corkscrew to my heart.

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March 8 2012
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Phosphorescent - Nothing Was Stolen (Love Me Foolishly)

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March 5 2012
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