Alayna, 26, Philadelphia.


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July 31 2013
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Here is the skin that you said you loved
draped over the back of the chair in the kitchen.
Here are the teeth. Here is the sternum, the
clavicle, the fibula. Here are the angel bones
laid out on top of the dresser like antique
jewelry. Here are the earlobes, the knobbly
elbows, the beauty mark near my temple
that always got a moan out of you. Here are
my thighs, my femur. All ten toes, all ten
fingers. My pubic bone, preserved and
wrapped in a velvet bag. Your name on the
tag. Your name on everything. Here is
the body that loved you. Here is the
heart, bloodied and wanting. Here are
those drunk voice mails, the sober texts.
Here is your promise of staying. Here
is the lonely hum in my brain where your
name used to be. Here is my spine. Here
is all the hollow. Here is all the longing. Here
is the heavy tongue, the scratchy vocal
chords. Here are all of the I love you’s.
Here is the shocking wreck of it all. Here is
how you were closer to me than my bones,
my skin. Here is the quiet city, your empty
side of the bed. Here is the empty. Here is not
knowing whether you loved me or not. Here is
the poem that can’t save us. Here.

— Kristina H., “On Missing You” (via fleurishes)

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February 4 2013
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upload by kevinrussmobile on Flickr.

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December 25 2012
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December 9 2012
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Michael Pitt for GQ Style Korea

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December 6 2012
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December 4 2012
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#if i could turn back time.mp3

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October 29 2012
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butternut squash and bacon mac n’ cheese.

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October 9 2012
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SO dublin minors won the all ireland football this week (don’t worry if u don’t understand its just a sideline)

and they were all out celebrating

and they found daniel radcliffe in dublin at 4am and invited him to a house party with them

and he…went with them

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September 25 2012
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August 16 2012
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